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    Posted on 13 Oct 2015

    The Internet Doesn't Know How To Feel About This Lip-Syncing PSA

    Is this... is this real?

    All-female sketch group Skit Box released a "lip-syncing PSA" yesterday, and it's already racked up over a million views.

    Facebook: video.php

    Working with fellow sketch group SketchShe, the video focuses on the growing trend of "lip-syncing videos" that are being uploaded to Youtube and Facebook.

    In the video, the trio can be seen lip-syncing to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood." They also dance, because you can't sing to a Taylor Swift song and NOT dance.

    Skit Box

    And then it gets, well... pretty heavy.

    Skit Box

    Sarah from Skit Box told BuzzFeed News the video was a "tongue in cheek parody."

    "It's not intended to be an actual PSA. But like a lot of comedy there's an element of truth in this, as its tackling a common trend happening all over the web and making a bit of fun about it," she said.

    But Facebook users weren't quite sure if the video was serious or not.


    Sarah said they thought getting their friends from SketchShe involved was a no-brainer.

    Skit Box

    "They're also the reigning lip syncing Queens of the Internet," she said.

    "The response has been overwhelming - over 1 million hits in 12 hours - and people seem to really love seeing the ActiveWear and SketchShe girls together. So we're hoping to keep doing more collaborations in the future."

    Until then, be safe kids!

    Skit Box

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