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    These Kids Really Seem To Be Enjoying This Televised Lingerie Parade

    "What was your favourite piece?"

    Here's a video of some kids watching a lingerie parade on breakfast television.

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    Now, let's talk about why this is a thing.

    Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese is in Australia showcasing her new line of lingerie. Today, she visited Channel 7’s Sunrise for an AM lingerie show.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    It's pretty common for people to stand outside the Sunrise studio and wave to their family. Here's a bunch of Groban-ites waiting for "The Voice Of An Angel" Josh Groban to perform!

    Channel 7

    Go the Groban!

    Now, we can probably assume the Sunrise staff didn't intend for their outside audience to be almost entirely made up of children - but hey! It's school holidays!

    Channel 7

    Ah well, enjoy the rest of your vacation, kiddos.

    Channel 7

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