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    16 Photos That Prove Life Can Be Figured Out

    It's not that hard, really.

    1. This dude posing in his backyard for the news helicopters with A HULK SCULPTURE.

    2. This grandpa who knows what's up.

    3. This kid who knows the best way to utilise his time at school.

    4. This person, who got the right answer by any means necessary.

    5. This dog.

    6. This woman who knows the right way to get a job.

    "Ah, yeah. That's what I meant to send."

    7. The kid who managed to figure out adulthood at a very young age.

    8. This guy who trained his dog to fit into a bag so it can ride on the NYC subway.

    9. This normal, regular height gentleman making his way to the cinema for a movie. By himself.

    10. The dude who figured out the only reason to go to any sporting thing ever.


    11. This opportunistic first aid enthusiast.

    12. These garbage men.

    13. The guy who was made to break the rules.

    14. This kid who wasn't keen on any haiku that required work.

    15. This woman who has figured out a pretty good deal with her cat.

    16. And this woman who stole her own bike back.