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This Exchange Student Found The Best Way To Keep Up With "American" Slang

"I learned that when someone says like, 'Oh, she's thirsty' they aren't talking about [needing] a drink."

This is Leo Romano Nery from Brazil. He's currently living in Texas as part of a youth camp exchange program, and he's learning a lot.

Getting to ride around Texas Motor Speedway was so lit!

Leo has been in the U.S. for almost a month and according to his host sister, Chandler, who is providing him with accommodation while he's in Texas, he's already getting the hang of things.

On Saturday, Chandler tweeted about Leo's newest trick to learn American English: writing down the slang he hears on the radio and in conversation, so he can ask Chandler what it means later. The tweet went absolutely bonkers.

so my foreign exchange student has been keeping notes of words/phrases he hears so he can study them...

With almost 30,000 retweets, Leo's list of terms like "it's lit = it's good/fun" and "make it rain = throwing money" has gone stupidly viral, and Leo couldn't be happier.

"He began taking notes as we would listen to the radio and my music on my phone," Chandler told BuzzFeed News. "He would ask what the lyrics meant and how to use them."

"I started taking notes, like, four days into me being in Texas," Leo told BuzzFeed News.

"I started because I didn't understand some words and I was interested in getting to know it better. I asked my host sister more slangs [sic] and she helped me with that."

Leo said he uses the words when he can and that most people just find it funny.

"The list in the picture is just the beginning, like today I learned two more," he said. "I heard some guys speaking about money but instead of saying money or dollars they said 'bucks.'"

"I learned that when someone says like, 'Oh, she's thirsty' they aren't talking about [needing] a drink, they are saying that she wants attention."

Host sister Chandler said the reactions to the tweet have been "all over the place", but there was a lot of positive feedback.

"I did not think that so many people were going to see the post and be trending here and in other states," said Leo. "I'm enjoying America so much. Great food!!!"