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16 Cats Who Think They're Kangaroos


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1. "Pouch? Yeah I have a pouch."

2. "Look I don't wanna cause any trouble..."

3. "I can box, too!"

4. "I call this pose 'The Kittyroo.'"

5. "Yeah, I'm wearing a christmas sweater. Wanna fight about it?"

6. "Fat?! Excuse me?! I have a joey in here!"

7. "Why yes, I do enjoy The Outback."

8. "Kangaroo cats, assemble!"

9. "Oh, y'know, just bouncin' around."

10. "Whatr'ya doin' here? This 'ere's Kittyroo country."

11. "G'day mate!"

12. "I know, I know, 'Kangaroo Jack' didn't deliver. But trust me, 'Kittyroo Jack' has wheels."

13. "We got a problem?"

14. "Well, no. Look here. The thing is."

15. "Stupid dog...thinks it's a kangaroo..."