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    This 79-Year-Old Grandma Did A Keg Stand With Her Family And People Are Loving It

    May we all have the strength and resilience of grandma Muriel when we're 79-years-old.

    Madison Munoz - a 20-year-old student at Texas A&M University - lives in Arlington, Texas, with her family.


    Here she is with her brother and their dog.

    This past Sunday, Madison and her family were throwing a graduation party for her brother. The night before, the topic of "keg stands" had come up and Madison's grandmother, Muriel, seemed particularly interested.


    "She said she wanted to try it out," Madison told BuzzFeed News. "She's always been the type of grandma to hang out with all of the grandkids and make us laugh."

    Sure enough, the day of the party came around and Madison's grandmother insisted on doing a keg stand. The result was an incredible series of photos which Madison tweeted out later that day.


    "All of us were egging her on and she was excited to try it," said Madison. "She's 79-years-old, so we were super careful when we were holding her up and she went for a few seconds and took it like a champ."


    Online, people are obsessing over Grandma Muriel. Madison's tweet has over 600 retweets and 3,000 likes. "Someone called her the GOAT (greatest of all time) and we explained what it meant and now she keeps saying 'I wanna be a GOAT'," said Madison.


    @MaddieRae5 your grandma is so dope lol

    @MaddieRae5 @kalesalad A legend

    Impressively, Madison's uncle also got in on the act.

    "Almost all of the replies [to the tweet] have been things like 'Me in 40 years' or 'She's the best grandma ever'," said Madison.


    "Everyone seems to want to be like her when they're a grandparent."

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