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This Incredibly Rare Mole Is Seen Fewer Than 10 Times A Decade

There are fewer than 10 reported sightings of karrkaratul each decade.

This furry little lump is a karrkaratul.

Last week, the Tjamu Tjamu Aboriginal corporation posted a video of one of the little guys above ground, something one of the men present had last seen "many years ago".

Facebook: video.php

"We had been out recording stories of different bush foods: kampurapa (desert raisins), wangunu (woollybutt grass seed), kilkiti (a wattle seed) and more," wrote the page's administrator, Kate Crossing.

"We were driving along a bush track on our way home when this little golden creature ran across the road in front of us. Yalti yelled out 'karrkaratul' and jumped out as I stopped the car. We all crowded round as Yalti held this beautiful creature carefully in her hands, its powerful front feet trying to dig to safety."

"We do occasionally see their tracks at Kiwirrkurra", Kate told BuzzFeed News, "and we also see [their] remains in fox scats, so the foxes are obviously able to get to them and eat them."