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    29 Times Journalism Went Too Damn Far


    1. When it asked this IMPORTANT QUESTION:


    2. When the people were consulted:

    3. When this important moment was documented:

    4. When it, well...

    5. The moment this weiner pun was thought up:

    6. The reporting of THIS MAJOR EVENT IN HISTORY:

    7. And this revelation:

    8. This conclusive reporting:

    9. This investigation that NEEDED to happen:

    10. And this nice, bold **sex** to grab your attention:

    11. This report into the greatest party snack:

    12. The standstill over this suspicious flashlight:

    13. This:

    14. And this holy experience:

    15. The plague of "black-eyed ghost children:"

    16. And this discussion on equality:

    17. This:

    18. Oh, and this:

    19. This real report on bathrooms.

    20. And this monstrosity of puns:


    22. And the great, great questions answered:

    23. This unbelievable FACT:

    24. The discovery of the 21th:

    25. And the journalistic investigation that went deep into cats, and what they lick.

    26. This:

    27. And this deep look into hard stools:

    28. This juxtaposition of lost / found.

    29. And this:

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