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This Girl Found The Perfect Way To Help Her Sister With Cancer

When five-year-old Jordyn Miller was worried about her hair falling out her little sister Charli used a pair of tights to make her feel better.

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...when she started, she had very little hair from the treatment. She loved her long curly hair, so when she lost it, it was a very big deal to her! When she first started some of the older kids teased her, calling her ugly and saying that she looked like a boy. Others teased her for wearing a dress, as they thought she was a boy!
I guess this was Jordyn's way of trying to cope with the fact that she no longer had the hair she loved! They would play for hours with the tights on her head, I even had to plait them and put them up in pony tails for them!
Once the puppets held the show, we noticed a vast change in the kids' attitude toward Jordyn. The puppets helped explain why she looked so different, and more about cancer, in a fun and interactive show.
She is now in Year 1 and both years she has won her Cross Country. She has also won all of her races in her athletics carnival (Kindergarten and Year 1), including 100 metres, 600 metres. She also plays soccer, this year alone she scored 32 goals from 15 games! Her battle certainly didn't slow her down!!