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Joe Hockey Still Loves Nickelback

"I can't wait to see them in concert again."

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Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Australia's Treasurer Joe Hockey confirmed what much of larger Australia has spoken about for years. He loves Nickelback. He always has, and he always will.

BuzzFeed Australia

The controversy, of course, stems from Hockey's love of "sing a long rock".

Why are so many people down on Nickelback? Surely with Foo Fighters they are the closest modern rivals to AC/DC for sing a long rock!

Joe again also listed AC/DC as a prime influence on his musical taste. Really, its all about 'dat sing-a-long ROCK!!

So now we know - not only does Joe Hockey still love Nickelback, he also can't wait to see them in concert again.

Sean Davey for BuzzFeed News