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These Are Things To Avoid Eating Before You Go On A Boat

BuzzFeed Oz just went whale watching. It was awesome, but I was sick.

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Hopefully by recounting my diet today you will not fall into the same queazy journey I did.


7:15AM: Coffee with MCT oil (it's like coconut oil) and grass fed butter.

Look, I know this is the most pretentious sounding thing ever. And if I had my way I wouldn't have to tell you BUT for the sake of the public and making sure no one gets sick on a boat again I must!

p.s It's actually really good you should try it.


7:55AM: Head off to work.

This involves a supremely tedious bus route.


Maybe consult this sick little man's day and decide what will/won't work for you.

I could also just be soft.