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29 Photos That Will Make You Breathe Easy

Relax, everything fits perfectly now.

1. Let's start off by looking at this watermelon, all sliced up and ready to go.

2. Now check out this scrub brush that fits perfectly into a teacup.

Oh yeah, that's good.

3. Shall we pull the plastic off of a brand-new mirror? Yes. Let's do that.

4. Now we can separate those pesky Skittles.

5. Likewise with the gummy bears.

6. And jump onto a trampoline covered in a crisp, smooth sheet of ice.

7. Jeez, that was tough. Now let's reward ourselves with a nice, perfectly stacked pile of pancakes.

8. Need a place to keep your MacBook? No problem.

9. What about a mint?

10. An apple?

11. Or there are Kit Kats, if you want.

12. Now let's go outside and power-wash the front porch. Feels good, doesn't it?

13. Jeez, it sure is chilly outside. Good thing you have all this firewood stacked up.

14. Uh-oh! Gotta wash our hands.

15. Wonder what the kittens are doing...

16. Hmm, anyway...time for pasta.

17. If we could just get this darn key in the lock.

18. Uh oh! Dropped the first aid kit!

19. Oh! Knew we put the 1,000 paper cranes separated by colour somewhere!

20. Let's do some washing up. That'll dry off real nice there, won't it?

21. Why don't we paint a little? Just peel the ol' stuff riiiiiight off.

22. Oh man, my potassium is down. Good thing there are so many options!

23. Wait... Is it snowing outside?!

24. Let's get some yoghurt... Oh, would ya look at that!

25. Oh man, cleaning up the house sure does feel good.

26. Do you think it's time to fix up that beautiful blanket of leaves outside?

27. Nah, let's have a Pringle.

28. Now where can we rest our coffee cup...

29. And finish off by diggin' our feet into that lush, freshly mown grass.

Ah, that sure was nice, wasn't it...