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    This Woman Tied Her Hoodie's Head Sleeve To Her Husband's Hoodie's Face-Hole

    It turns out a lot more people do this than previously expected.

    This is Josh and Madison Lovell – a married couple who live in Chicago, Illinois.

    Josh is in the US Navy and recently left to be stationed in Hawaii for eight months.

    Before he left, Madison took it upon herself to improvise a "little bonding session" and the end result was this photo:

    what is wrong with my sister and her husband

    That person on the left in the red hoodie is Madi, and the bigger, green and grey blob she's tied to is Josh. It is still unclear what this photos means.

    The photo was originally tweeted out by Madi's sister, Allu, who simply wanted to know what was going on between her sister and her brother in law. Madi couldn't actually see the tweet. "My sister has me blocked on her page," Madi told BuzzFeed News, "so I haven't seen anything.

    Only hours after it was tweeted the photo has almost 10,000 retweets and multiple tweet-stealing accounts have pushed out screenshots to their millions of followers. Madi says she and Josh are "probably the weirdest couple" and that the photo was her idea (with a little help from a friend who had seen a similar photo and thought of them).

    After a brief dive into the mentions of the photo it's pretty clear that Josh and Madi aren't the first to try out this... ritual.

    @vvexedd @ehavni and @k_bouth will forever be my goals💗

    @vvexedd Same thing that was wrong with us 4 years ago..

    Is this a thing people do regularly? Like, a few other accounts also tweeted out the photo of Madi and Josh and there were just... so many people who have done this.

    I mean, what is this even called? Does it have a name?

    Regardless of how many people have tried out (ostriching? hoodie-ing?) most people are replying to Madi and Josh's photo saying it's a perfect example of true love.

    @vvexedd If this is not couple goals then what it is?😍😍😍

    Those who headass together last together RT @vvexedd: what is wrong with my sister and her husband

    @vvexedd @BigDaddyNalanie thats love right there

    "We're just crazy," Madi said. "We're joking around with each other and laughing about 96% of the time."