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    Updated on 18 Oct 2019. Posted on 12 Oct 2015

    21 Pieces Of Terrible Advice For Anyone Doing Their HSC Right Now

    "You can always enroll as a mature student and annoy 40 shades of shit out of absolutely everyone."

    1. The HSC starts today and people are full of advice, both terrible and not, for students.

    if you do badly on the HSC just know that it can also stand for Have Several Cats and you can pass that easily


    For real I did quite badly in my HSC but I was still allowed to marry a lawyer they didn't even check my UAI so theres something to think on


    Number of HSC students looking to old people for advice: 0.

    4. Twitter is really just trying to reach out and let all those stressed out kids know that everything is gonna be OK.

    if you're farting around on twitter before your HSC exams it'll be good prep for whining about your asterisk


    HSC people: whatever you do, don't destroy your life and your health studying law


    The HSC isn't important. I didn't try that hard and now look at me: making extremely bad tweets online for no pay


    My hot tip for the HSC - life is meaningless, everything post ~22 is terrible, so just chill and go to parties heaps when you're young.


    TEENS: remember that if you do badly in your HSC you have done bad and you are bad as a person

    9. Hopefully, enough students will take the time to log onto Twitter before they do their exams.

    todd sampson tried to wear a tee shirt with his entire English text printed on it to his HSC


    I did OK in my HSC but not all that well and now here I am with an OK life that isn't that great, so the lesson is: I don't know, kids.


    My fondest HSC memory was experiencing my first orgasm while procrastinating on the morning of my Japanese exam. Relax & have a wank, kids


    [hsc student browsing twitter for life advice] huh....... turns out its not actually a big deal. radical, man.

    13. Because there's plenty of really great pieces of advice for those not sure where their future lies.

    If you get less than 75 in your HSC, you become a meth dealer. It is known.


    Good luck with the hsc kids, just think, in four weeks you'll be so wasted at schoolies that you won't even remember your related texts


    Don't worry about your HSC, you can always enroll as a mature student and annoy forty shades of shit out of absolutely everyone.


    I did well in the HSC and now I have my dream job, selling newts’ eyes to the Cardigan Bear who pays me in growls. My awake job is ok too.


    The year I sat the HSC, the only question was "Write the word 'beans' as many times as you can in an hour". I wrote it 13, maybe 14 times.

    18. Until then, know that the internet is rooting for you.

    my advice to teens doing the HSC: be my friend, I need you to tell me what is cool


    I don't know why we tell kids there is life after HSC. The truth is the second you finish your exams you die and are replaced by a clone


    HSC Students: You got one chance do not fuck this up otherwise you have no future #HSCAdvice


    Finally, if you take your exam paper and fold it into a magnificent hat & shout 'I AM THE FANCY HSC KING' they have to give you at LEAST 60

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