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    This Woman's Breast Implants Popped When She Was Attacked By A Kangaroo

    How roo'd.

    A woman will need surgery to replace breast implants that popped when a kangaroo jumped on her and a friend while they were cycling in South Australia's Clare Valley.

    Sharon Heinrich / PR IMAGE

    Sharon Heinrich and Helen Salter were cycling through South Australia's wine region last week when a large kangaroo launched itself onto the pair.

    "I thought, 'he's cute', and then he jumped on top of me and used me to launch off and onto my girlfriend," Heinrich told AAP.

    Heinrich, 45, broke three of her ribs after falling "probably 1.5 metres" after the collision and will require surgery on her damaged breast implants as well.

    Heinrich's friend, 47-year-old Salter, was treated for whiplash and a concussion.

    Heinrich's husband gave her a stuffed boxing kangaroo as a momento of the incident.

    "It's all you can do now," she said, "laugh about it and heal".

    BuzzFeed News has contacted both Heinrich and Salter for further comment.

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