This Grandma Rocked A Bikini After Her Nursing Home Pals Told Her To Go For It

    Ninety years old and still iconic AF.

    A 90-year-old grandmother is being praised online for donning a red-and-white polka-dot bikini and rocking it like a pro.

    Facebook: LadyWatego

    Irene, a mother to 10 kids and a grandmother to plenty more, was brought to clothing shop Lady Watego in the seaside town of Byron Bay in northern NSW by her daughter last month. Their initial plan was to shop for a kaftan for a family cruise she was going on. A few weeks after their initial peruse, the pair came in again after staff at Irene's aged-care home convinced her she needed a bikini for the cruise.

    Even when Irene first bought the bikini, the store's owner, Wendy Beckers, was pumped.

    Posted to Lady Watego's Facebook page last week, the photo of Irene on her cruise has received plenty of attention, with people commenting on how great she looks.

    People were also keen to get their own family into the store to try on some outfits.

    Beckers says she's ecstatic that the world is embracing "natural women" of all ages.

    "My message is always to get out, enjoy yourself, and you are never too old for swimmers!" she said.