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17 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Australia

You're gonna miss home. A lot.

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1. No one does coffee quite as well as us.

2. You realise how great our (relatively) free health care is.

3. And how great our food quality is.

4. Portion sizes are pretty small in Australia compared to everywhere else.

Not that that's a bad thing.

5. The air *feels* better in Australia.

6. You don't get as much space when you go abroad.

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7. Australia isn't THAT expensive.

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Well, it is expensive. But other places are more expensive.

8. Few places have such a lovely tree-building ratio.

9. Other nations' sports won't make as much sense to you.

So you hit the ball so it doesn't get caught and then you run but what do you do other than that and why does it take so long?

10. Being able to drink/do whatever you want at 18 is a gift you didn't appreciate enough.


11. You're going to be irritated every time someone imitates your accent (poorly).

12. And people will be visibly disappointed when you don't sound like Crocodile Dundee.


13. Jet lag is a motherfucker.

14. Our weather is awesome and easier to live in than a lot of other places.

15. Our humour is different than that of other places too.

16. It's hard to get used to places that don't have an inclusive GST.


17. And even if you didn't eat Vegemite and Tim Tams regularly at home, you'll miss them all the same.