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    Gaytime Ice Cream Tubs Are 100% Real And We Spoke To The Guy Behind It All


    Australia's much-loved summer treat, the Golden Gaytime, is due to be rolled out in tub-form in Woolworths stores across the country.

    Facebook: GoldenGaytimeIcecreamTubProject

    A spokesperson for Unilever Australia confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the ice cream would be stocked this month.

    The decision was made by Unilever to unveil the new ice cream after a social media campaign started by Jesse James Mcelroy and Ellen Fraser quickly took hold of the internet's imagination.

    Facebook: GoldenGaytimeIcecreamTubProject

    The Golden Gaytime Ice cream Tub Project was only started in early July, but quickly amassed thousands of likes on its Facebook.

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Mcelroy says he thought of the idea after a conversation with his ex-girlfriend on Skype.

    Facebook: GoldenGaytimeIcecreamTubProject

    "I started [the page] after speaking to my ex in America on Skype at like 4am in the morning and she asked me to bring her ice Cream and I said I'll bring a Gaytime but then I thought 'why isn't it in a larger format'?"

    Mcelroy says Streets haven't given him a lifetime supply (though they should) and that he plans to keep the page running for the foreseeable future.

    Facebook: GoldenGaytimeIcecreamTubProject

    He describes the ice cream as a mix of all the flavours in a conventional Gaytime ice cream, with biscuit crumbs and chocolate mixed in.

    "It's amazing. I ate the whole thing in one sitting, alone in a dark room."

    Golden Gaytime ice cream tubs are available in original, chocolate and mint varieties.

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