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This Is What It's Like When Your Ex-Boyfriend's Proposal Goes Viral

"If it makes you feel any better, the guy proposing to him is my ex-fiancé."

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Last weekend, a police officer proposed to his boyfriend in the middle of London Pride celebrations. The boyfriend said "yes" and it was very sweet.

He said yes @LondonLGBTPride @MetLGBTNetwork @LGBTpoliceuk #policewithpride #ByYourSide #AB #DI #CA #AC #LH

The video of the proposal has already been viewed over 15 MILLION TIMES.

Facebook: video.php

Well, as the proposal went viral and picked up thousands of retweets, the man behind the barrier's ex-boyfriend, Jacob, tweeted his own thoughts on the event.

If y'all could stop retweeting that picture of my ex getting proposed to by his policeman boyfriend, that would be great.

The tongue-in-cheek tweet was also retweeted hundreds of times, with Jacob tweeting that he was "genuinely so happy" for his ex.


And then the police officer's ex-boyfriend also got involved.

@OhHeyJacob if it makes you feel any better, the guy proposing to him is my ex fiancé. So know how you feel!

People quickly rushed to see if this unlikely romance would turn into a rom-com IRL, but Matt squashed that talk saying his current boyfriend probably wouldn't be too happy about that.

"We've been broken up a long time now," Matt told BuzzFeed News. "We ended it as friends, so I was actually very happy for him. I thought it was an amazing proposal, so brave and a great moment for him, his new fiancé, and the LGBT community."

Matt said he hadn't heard from his policeman ex about the tweets. "He's not on Twitter," he said. "I would hope he's been celebrating his engagement rather than looking through Twitter!"

BuzzFeed News has contacted Jacob for comment.