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    Meet The Guy Who Swims With His Pet Snake Every Day

    "We have a relationship. She loves me."

    Here's a video of a dude drinkin' a beer and "swimming" with a snake.

    His name's Steven Brimelow, and he absolutely loves his pet snake, Dora.

    Instagram: @indy.bones

    Steven bought Dora for $300 last year off a private breeder shortly after getting his reptile licence.

    Dora and Steven rose to fame recently when Brisbane musician Indy Davies uploaded a video of the pair swimming on his Instagram.

    The video, which shows Steven swimming with Dora and throwing her into the water while drinking a beer, quickly went viral, something Steven told The Courier Mail was "overwhelming."

    "I was fully amazed," he said. "I am all over the shop."

    Steven says he and Dora have a "great relationship," and that Dora "always swims back" to him.

    Steven says he's never been bitten by Dora.

    The pair swim every afternoon, something Steven says always shocks locals. "Heaps of people look at me, amazed at what they see," he said.

    BuzzFeed News has contacted Steven for further comment.

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