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This Guy's Devastating Open Letter About Sydney's Lockout Laws Has Gone Viral

"No wonder apparently everyone's moving to Melbourne."

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The post has been written by Matt Barrie, the Chief Executive of The post, which is thousands of words long, discusses Sydney's entertainment "peak" in 1999 and the laws that have crippled its nightlife in the years since.

"It's clearly hit a nerve," Barrie told BuzzFeed News. "It's tapped into an extremely strong undercurrent of public sentiment."

The blog post is currently #1 on Linkedin globally, and has 161,000 views on Linkedin alone.


It lists all the iconic Sydney venues that have been forced to shut their doors because of the laws, including La Cita in Darling Harbour (known for its salsa dancing) and Hugo's Pizza (the best pizza restaurant in Australia just before its closure.

The piece also gets into the statistics. Barrie uses bar graphs to illustrate a report from 2010 that saw 58% of people saying they visited Sydney at night for its nightlife.

He also mentioned that King's Cross foot traffic has gone down 84% from 2012-2015, and that the annual takings of businesses on the iconic strip were down by 40% or more.

"No matter what happens the city has turned into Detriot," said Barrie. "Even if they dropped the laws the damage has been done."


Barrie accuses the NSW government of "Orwellian nomenclature that has been made up to deliberately keep the general public in a constant state of confusion that some terror has swept across the city."

He gives examples of words like "king hit," "alcopop," and "alcohol-related violence" as evidence of this movement.

The lockout laws were an initiative "led by evangelical Christians to implement a framework of religious policy," according to Barrie, who consistently mentions the Sydney government's alleged church links.

Matt Barrie

"This is what happens when a State gets taken over by a cabal of zealots whose only policy is religious ideology," he told BuzzFeed News.


Sydney's lockout laws are effecting businesses, jobs and our culture. Something needs to change.

One of the silliest things about the lockout laws is that alcohol related violence in Sydney was already on a long term downward trend.

While others took the opportunity to sledge Barrie's choice of publishing platform.

An unintended and undesirable consequence of Sydney's lockout laws has been an uptick in unreadable screeds

@thomas_violence I refuse to read and engage with any content whilst LinkedIn is being accepted as a yarn-spinning platform

The lockout laws have been praised at all levels of government for bringing down alcohol fueled violence. One of the leading advocates of the laws, emergency room doctor Gordian Fulde was even named Senior Australian of the Year last week.