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23 Times Irony Got Taken To A Whole New Level

The ironing is delicious.

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1. When this exhibition was closed:

2. When this driver thought they were making a statement:

3. When this girl thought she was putting a great tweet out:

4. And this person confronting their nemesis:

5. These two signs:

6. And this closed ride:

7. This well-gnawed book:

8. This lovely classroom project:

9. This psychic's inability to foresee his own cancellation:

10. This meeting of two immovable objects:

11. This shade-filled status:

12. And this one, too:

13. This great car sticker:

14. This fortune cookie:

15. This guy catching up on some reading:

16. This handy tool:

17. This sign:

18. And this poor attempt at a sign:

19. This office:

20. This college:

21. This unfortunate event involving a truck and a bridge:

22. This un-hinged sign:

23. And this special report: