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"Debbie", The Cockatoo That Was Saved From A Category 4 Cyclone, Has Died

RIP Debbie, the cockatoo who died.

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Debbie, the sulfur-crested cockatoo who went viral earlier this week after she was rescued from cyclone devastated bushland, has sadly passed away.

Wednesday's Townsville Bulletin front page.

As far north Queensland was hammered by Cyclone Debbie this week, Debbie the cockatoo was discovered by a newspaper photographer, who took the bird in and kept it warm.

Debbie quickly became a household name after photos went viral that showed her soaked body with feathers missing, huddled in a blanket.

Alix Sweeney, who took the classic photos of Debbie, told The Herald Sun no wildlife carers had been able to reach the cockatoo due to flooding in the area.

"It was just unfortunate that we couldn’t access an eye dropper or a syringe to try and give it water," she said.

Celebrity vet Chris Brown also wrote about Debbie yesterday and wished her a quick recovery.

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Early on Thursday morning, however, Debbie was found lifeless. She was buried in the bushland in which she had been found.

Debbie the cockatoo looking much better today thanks to @JohnAndooutback @tsv_bulletin #CycloneDebbie…

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