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    A Respected Journalist's Description Of "Dank Memes" Has Gone Massively Viral

    O shit waddup!

    Australian journalist Dennis Atkins has gone viral, after footage of him defining a "dank meme" was posted to Reddit.


    Appearing on ABC's Insiders, the veteran political journalist was discussing the way Australia's centre-left political parties have been using memes on social media.

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    "A dank meme is one that is intentionally bizarre, an ironic expression used to mock online viral media and 'in' jokes that have exhausted their comedic value," he said.

    "And what we just saw is a dank meme put up by the AMWU against the prime minister. So watch your dank memes."


    The introduction of dank memes to what is usually a serious panel show about politics sent Twitter into a flurry.

    This morning ABC Insiders talked about dank memes. 2016 is great.

    They're talking about dank memes in #Insiders. This is the best day ever

    Everyone said this would be the Snapchat election and then BAM, the dank memes snuck up on us like an old fashioned beaning

    Atkins also wrote about dank memes in his regular column in the Courier Mail today, taking time to outline the origins of "dank".

    Reddit is, understandably, petrified.

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