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This Dancing Lizard Has Brought Great Wisdom And Happiness To The Masses. Rejoice.

Please take a look at multiple clips of my last remaining brain cell.

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An animated dancing lizard has taken over the timelines of hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter, bringing joy to anyone who dares to un-mute the jiving gecko.

The lizard appears to have come out of Japan, with user @ka92 sharing early renderings of the slippery sucker earlier this month.


From there, Danielle*, who lives in Pennsylvania, created a @dancinglizard Twitter account and began syncing the lizard with popular songs. She told BuzzFeed News she originally thought to make the videos to make people happy.

you already know I’m bringing SexyBack

The videos rapidly went viral and the @dancinglizard Twitter account has more than 100,000 followers after a week of frenetic activity.

"It’s a good laugh that people like showing their friends I guess," said Danielle. "It’s a dancing lizard!"

While there have been a few people annoyed by the lizard, Danielle says the important thing is that the videos are brightening up some people's days.

yo u should just calm down a littttllleee bit. and Come On Eileen is the best song so...?

And that certainly seems to be the case.

the only time I'm gonna get political is now and I'm gonna say it the video of the little dancing lizard is pretty damn great

Honestly, the dancing lizard is a vibe


I fucking love that video of the lizard dancing, it genuinely warms my heart loool

BuzzFeed News has contacted @ka92 for comment (also this is the best one).

Take Me Home, Country Roads- John Denver

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