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    Dami Im Is Through To The "Eurovision" Final And Could Seriously Win


    Australia's Eurovision contestant, Damy Im, is through to the grand final after performing against 18 other nations.

    There was no sound of silence in the press room after hearing @damiandmusic made it to the GF. #SBSEurovision

    Singing her original track "Sound of Silence", the 2013 X-Factor winner stunned the almost 200 million global audience.

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    Im is the second Australian Eurovision performer after Guy Sebastian performed in last years competition.

    Im's odds have now drawn in from 19-1 before the competition to 5-1, meaning the Australian contestant is the second favourite to win behind Russian Sergey Lazarev.

    Well now, things are getting interesting. Dami Im's #Eurovision odds improve dramatically.

    Australians took to Twitter to applaud Im on her massive achievement.

    Yes! @damiandmusic through to the @SBSEurovision finals. Kaboooooom

    Dami Im through to the final! #SBSEurovision

    Also if anyone's listening I reckon just kill the hologram thing it added nothing. She needs nothing. #Damiim #Eurovision

    Well done @damiandmusic you make us all proud back at home. Loved the song and performance #Eurovision

    Congrats @damiandmusic hope you go all the way. Bloody love you babe!

    The Eurovision final will broadcast Sunday morning, with Im going up 26 other finalists including Germany, the UK, and Malta.