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18 Absolutely Batshit Insane Ways People Reacted To Cyclone Debbie

Cyclone Debbie is making her way across far north Queensland in Australia – but a lot of Aussies don't seem that fussed.

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1. Reporters from across Australia swarmed to Queensland this week to cover the Category 4 Cyclone Debbie.

Seven Network

2. Here's a bunch of 'em, all wet and flustered from the ridiculous wind speeds and crazy sideways rain.

Seven Network

The former mayor of Bowen Shire Mike Brunker criticised the journalists for acting against the advice of emergency services. He called one a "goose".

Channel 9

3. Some locals tried their hand at weather reporting as well – and did a pretty good job!

Instagram: @stevemeyer7

4. This punter was interviewed at a bar and took the opportunity to make a blowjob joke on national television (thank god someone did).

One chance on TV... its your moment mate, make your family, friends and town proud... 😞😞😱😱 #CycloneDebbie

5. These happy folk boarded up their house and then decorated.

Instagram: @bondstreetblue_

6. On Monday, before Debbie made landfall, a pair of kangaroos boxed on the beach.

Hope these boxing #kanagaroos at #CapeHillsborough bunker down. #CycloneDebbie is set to cross between there and Ay…

7. There was an abundance of trampolines flying through the sky, ending up broken...

Facebook: 9NewsPerth

9. NASA released some seriously cool footage of Cyclone Debbie from space.

Facebook: video.php

10. People quickly began to doubt the authenticity of the footage.

@ABCNews24 @Space_Station @NASA nothing about this even looks remotely real. the shadow, the cloud cover, the speed ... its all fake.

Some of the theories revolved around the Earth being flat, while others said the NASA imagery was nothing more than CGI.

@ABCNews24 @Space_Station @NASA #fakenews nice CGI. we all know the earth is flat and this is garbage. nice try.

flat earthers think NASA is creating computer-generated images of Cyclone Debbie

11. A few boats were cut loose and went for an impromptu sail on the ocean.

Instagram: @thetodayshow

12. And ~arty~ types wrapped local installations in bubblewrap for protection.

Ian Hitchcock / Getty Images

13. Someone wrote: "Cyclone Debbie Bring It On, Bowen Is Not A Pussy Town, Do Your Best You Got." If the fence survives, the message will live on...

Instagram: @louise__fish

14. Couples who had chosen the weekend to go on holiday were left in very exotic locations with a very intense and slightly terrifying ambience.

Instagram: @amilekabyronbay

15. And then there are locals like Keith Hills, who is sitting out the cyclone in his caravan.


"If it's gonna kill me, I'm meant to go that way," he said.

16. While this dude chose to ride it out in an old school bus filled with snakes. Wonderful.

Man plans to ride out Cyclone Debbie in a bus with his snakes

17. A daredevil kite surfer took the opportunity to get in one last surf before the storm really hit. Which is probably not advised.

A kite surfer in Bowen has been capture surfing the winds of Tropical Cyclone Debbie. #7News

18. And memes, of course, were made.

The eye of the cyclone has just reached the coastline of north Queensland and 30,000 people are so far without power. The Bureau of Meteorology says destructive winds are no longer expected in many of the major towns – so really it's just gonna be really, really, wet. Be careful out there!


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