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    You Can Get Semen-Injected Beer Now

    Cum again?

    The Green Man Pub in New Zealand has started serving a new beer which includes one important ingredient: stag semen.

    Steve Drummond, the director of the pub, told BuzzFeed News that they've used semen in dishes before.

    "In 2011 we wanted to add something really wild to our Monteith's Wild Food Challenge dish. We came across a company that did horse semen shots at a wild food event and developed that concept as a chaser for our dish. The shot was so successful we ended up selling bucketloads of the stuff.

    "One of our staff had been playing with the idea of doing something crazy with beer. The semen and beer thing just kinda came to us. We played with the idea a little more and then created the concept for Stag Semen Stout. It's been brewing in our mind for most of this year. Then we came across a brewery who was willing to contract manufacture it for us."

    The pub plans on entering the beer into the Brewers Guild Awards in September, where judges would have to do a blind tasting of the semen stout.

    Drummond said the majority of people have really enjoyed the beer and that Lagoon the stag (who supplied the, uh, semen) had a "very restful sleep" after he donated his part.

    The pub just hopes their new beer will help stop people from taking beer too seriously.