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    May 22, 2014

    36 Of The Absolute Worst Things That Could Ever Happen To You

    Life is just one big disappointment. A big hilarious disappointment.

    1. You could try out a career in BMX.

    2. Your birthday could take a rapid turn for the worst.

    3. You could discover that football really isn't your sport.

    4. Or you could find yourself in the middle of your very own 'Final Destination' movie.

    5. Your investments may not have turned out as you had hoped.

    6. Refreshment could escape you in the worst possible way.

    7. Or you could come SO CLOSE to success only to have it shoved right back in your face.

    8. You could be the recipient of this very thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.

    9. Or you could wake up every morning to this in your shower and not know HOW OR WHY it's there.

    10. This could be between you and the pearly gates of Heaven.

    11. All your hopes and dreams could (literally) come crumbling down.

    12. Or you could realise you're just not a kid anymore.

    13. You could be Troy.

    14. This could be your computer.

    15. Or this duck could follow you WHEREVER YOU GO.

    16. This could become a reality.

    17. Basketball could just not be the thing for you.

    18. This straw could haunt your dreams.

    19. Or you could eat shit (not literally) on national TV.

    20. You could be this cat.

    21. Or every time you go to the bathroom this could happen.

    22. Your cooking efforts could all be for nothing.

    23. Or you could be Chuck.

    24. You could get your froyo and sperm banks messed up.

    25. Or you could get this shitty fortune.

    26. This could be the only prize you get for the rest of your life.

    27. Some sicko could hand you this.

    Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

    28. You could be this dog.

    29. You could end up in a surprising place...

    30. Or you could own this wall.

    31. You could be the person that thought this photo was appropriate for the headline.

    32. Or you could have a Sim for a mom.

    NO. No that's not how it works.

    33. Your attempts to clean could be a disappointment for ALL.

    34. You could be "killed to death."

    35. You could be this kid at possibly the worst "bring your child to work day" ever.

    36. And maybe, just maybe, you could be Carly Rae Jepsen.

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