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A Day In The Life Of An Australian Who Hates The Cold

Waking up barefoot on the cold, hard, floor tiles like...

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7 a.m. - You take that first barefoot step out of bed onto the cold, hard, tiles / floorboards in the morning. Your body aches.

7:10 a.m. - You spend 10 minutes crawling to the shower and that hot water finally hits you like GODDAMN GOLD.


7:25 a.m.- You finally get out of the shower, seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time.

9 a.m. - You get to work. You're quick to let everyone know just what it's like outside.


10 a.m. - You realise you actually have to get some work done. It's hard to focus when you're cold. It's hard to do most things, really.


1:20 p.m. - You finally get your lunch. It's nice, but all the waiting (in the rain) means you only have 10 minutes left to eat. Also, all the tables inside are taken :(. So you just head back to work and decide to eat it at your desk.

1:25 p.m. - It's eatin' time. And you're ready to warm up. This is the single greatest moment in your day, and you're here for it. To top it all off, the heating has been put back on. You put on a jumper anyway, just because.


5 p.m. - It's time to head home, which kinda sucks because it means standing outside in the cold, waiting for a bus / train. BUT it means you're getting closer to snuggling up on the couch. So...


8 p.m. - After some TV time with the heater and a lovely dinner, you go upstairs and run a bath. This needs to be done. It's far too cold to cope, otherwise.