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    20 Things That Could Only Happen On CityRail

    Hell. On. Earth.

    1. Prompt service!

    2. Casual yoga sessions!

    3. Great seats!

    4. And lots of places to buy tickets!

    5. Awesome change machines!

    6. Marriage proposals!

    7. Swag kings!

    8. Revenue raising!

    "No, no this is entirely necessary! We honestly have solved all the other issues!"

    9. Awkward attempts at creating some sort of weird friendship!

    10. Lots n' lots n' lots of old tickets!

    11. Wildlife!

    Who needs the zoo!?

    12. Horses!

    ***Off to the races***

    13. Batman!

    14. Terrible graffiti!

    Ah, the Gravy Gang. I remember when they owned this town **wipes tear away from face**

    15. Weird graffiti!

    16. Idiotic people doing idiotic things!

    Get a job and buy a belt.

    17. Anarchists!

    18. Art!

    Who needs galleries!

    19. People who obviously need the seat more than you!

    20. And pirates!

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