17 Americans Who Are Seriously Confused By The Flat White

    You know it, I know it. We all know it... Kinda.

    Today marks the day Starbucks USA brings the "new" and "bolder than the latte" flat white to American shores.

    Bolder than a latte. Meet the new #FlatWhite.

    1. The popular Aussie coffee has been an Australian staple for decades now, and everyone's going a bit nuts – positive or otherwise – about Starbucks' latest revolutionary trend.

    So America is in a flap about the flat white. The really big deal is that Starbucks has found a new style of coffee to fuck up.


    The new #Starbucks Flat White is amazing.....I've had two today


    I tried the new flat white drink from Starbucks AND IM IN LOVE!!!


    I got the new flat white at Starbucks. It's a cappuccino. That's it. A cappuccino.


    Verdict: D-- would not Starbucks flat white again.

    6. Others are yet to try its perfect, caffeinated goodness.


    Really doing some heavy lifting today. Left the set to taste test the new #FlatWhite at @Starbucks! #BestJobEver


    We got our #FlatWhite coffees from @Starbucks! @Erica_TheNow


    Has anyone tried Starbucks new "Flat White?" And if so, how is it? I usually order just coffee....


    Emoji names for children are surely the next big thing (besides the flat white - WTF is that!)


    so what is the difference between a wet cappuccino and a flat white?

    12. And some... Some are just not impressed AT ALL.

    @ChuckWendig The Starbucks Flat White is just a glass of warm milk.


    Why is the internet going batshit crazy over a flat white? Please tell me someone took it as a racist slight.


    I tried my first @Starbucks #FlatWhite today in the lobby of 195 broadway & sadly I was disappointed. Lukewarm, not that smooth ☕️💔


    That FLAT WHITE. #tobeapartner (it's gross 🙈)

    16. The Huffington Post jumped on the bandwagon to let everyone know WTF it was.

    Starbucks releases new drink called the Flat White. WTF is it? http://t.co/4bsVQhPWAf

    17. And Time magazine – THE TIME MAGAZINE – did a nice little write-up.

    But at the end of the day, this Australian has the question we need answered.

    If Starbucks doesn't carry a drink that's already been in some #coffee shops for years does that mean it really doesn't exist? #FlatWhite