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Cadbury Has Confirmed That Vegemite Chocolate Is Going To Be A Thing

Part two of a continuing investigation.

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Sure, we did our own investigating – but the sources we uncovered were not willing to go on record.

i have received new evidence regarding the @CadburyAU vegemite chocolate Cadbury still haven't called me.

Cadbury was called multiple times, but refused to put us through to the relevant people.

Cadbury ~still~ hasn't gotten back to me re: vegemite chocolate

Today, in a thirst trap of monumental proportions, Cadbury has directly tweeted BuzzFeed Australia with a new video that confirms the existence of Cadbury Vegemite.

@BuzzFeedOz @braddybb 😉


Here is the full video:

.@Cadbury + Vegemite. The most talked about flavour combination yet… is real! #ChocPlusWhat