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    Posted on 20 Nov 2014

    Thieves Have Stolen Hundreds Of Bras From A Tourist Attraction In New Zealand

    The Cardrona Valley Bra Fence is a local attraction in New Zealand, but thieves have recently begun cutting off the bras and fleeing with them.

    The Cardrona Valley Bra Fence is a long stretch of fencing in Cardrona Valley, New Zealand, which locals and tourists have wrapped with their bras.

    Recently, thieves have descended upon the the fence and stolen hundreds of bras.

    Facebook: brafence

    This is not the first time bras have mysteriously gone missing from the fence.

    The Cardrona Valley Bra Fence Facebook page has been updating its followers with tip-offs on who the thieves are.

    Facebook: brafence

    No one has been captured, but the page is now asking "supporters" to return to the fence with their pre-loved bras to recreate the attraction.

    Facebook: brafence

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