The 34 Most Bogan Number Plates Ever

    Not everyone in Australia can resist the temptation to personalise their plates. Massive H/T to boganplates.

    1. This declaration of tranquillity.

    2. The honest one.

    3. The ownership plates.

    4. This God damn PATRIOTTT.

    5. The guy on a demolition mission.

    6. The classy drinker.

    7. The modest one.

    8. This guy who wants to ask you a question or two.

    9. This diamond lover.

    10. The perfect addition to your Lamborghini.

    11. This "uneek" spelling.

    12. This guy straight up PEAKNNNNN

    13. This sneaky declaration of career choices.

    14. This lovely hello.

    15. This do-it-yourselfer.

    16. This honest declaration.

    17. This classy choice.

    18. This big guy.

    19. The pervert.

    20. Mrs Bong's husband.

    21. The six incher.

    22. This marriage proposal.

    23. This music lover.

    24. This.

    25. And this.

    26. This police car.

    27. This driver who just wants to play.

    28. The farmer.

    29. The Boizzzzzzzzzzzz

    30. Whatever this is.

    31. The one that will probably NEVER get old.

    32. The self confessed.

    33. This driver who definitely isn't dry.

    34. And finally.