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    This Woman Had A 16-Foot Snake Wake Her Up In The Middle Of The Night

    Oh my dear god.

    An Australian woman was woken up by a 16-foot, 30kg python slithering its way through her hallway and into her guest room yesterday.

    Facebook: Tanyas

    "He/she wasn't aggressive just very big & confronting!" said homeowner Trina Hibberd from Mission Beach in Queensland.

    "At no time did I feel threatened nor did I get close enough to him/her to provoke him/her."

    Trina uploaded footage of the snake, sprawled across picture frames and wrapped around a hat rack, to her Facebook last night. It's absolutely insane.

    Facebook: video.php

    "OK, we've got a visitor, and it's fucking huuuuuuugeee," says Hibberd as she pans along the snake.

    "I mean, no, it's very big ... It goes all the way down over the hat stand."

    "It is massive. Oh god."

    "Oh jeez. Right."

    Hibberd had no choice but to call snake catchers at 4am to have them collect the snake, which she nicknamed Monty.

    In comments on her Facebook, Hibberd said she was "pretty sure" Monty had been in the roof since at least 2012.

    "First photo I have of him was in 2012 but I'm pretty sure he's been in the roof for a lot longer," she wrote. "He used to slither down into the pool area for a feed and a drink then slither back up just before sunrise unless he had a tummy full of food and got stuck."

    "Am pretty happy that he's gone. Snake catcher said he was a kangaroo killer!"

    Snakes are often attracted to yards and houses in Queensland due to the food and shelter provided by people living in their homes.

    The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection says pythons also enter chicken pens and hunt for rats and possums in roof cavities.

    "Carpet pythons are regularly found curled up in ceilings, enjoying the security and warmth," says the QDEH site.

    "Despite having had Monty as a very close 'neighbour' there's no other place in the world I'd rather live," said Trina

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