We Interviewed Betty, The Chicken Who Is Running A Twitter Account

    "77=m,uj6yn8kjum7i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,." - Betty the Chicken.

    An Australian chicken restaurant has recently given the reins of its Twitter account to a 100% real chicken named Betty.

    For the past week, Betty has been smashing her face against a Mac keyboard, tweeting out from the @ChickenTreat account.

    Some words of inspiration from Betty. And remember: if a chicken can tweet, you can do stuff too. #ChickenTweet

    TIME wrote a piece about Betty, amazed at her majestic ability to take even the most complicated thoughts and translate them into an easy to understand chicken-dialogue.

    Hell, even Orange Is The New Black tweeted out to let Betty know she needs to watch herself.

    Betty better watch her back. #ChickenTweet

    And now, BuzzFeed News managed to track her down and ask her some tough questions, to finally get to the root of who Betty is and what she stands for.

    BuzzFeed News: "What is it like being the first animal to run a Twitter account?"

    Betty the chicken: "ujkM/`1U."

    BuzzFeed News: "What came first, you or the egg?"

    Betty the chicken: "77=m,uj6yn8kjum7i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,."

    BuzzFeed News: "What's the most delicious part of the chicken?"

    Betty the chicken: "'''u7it77'''''''213w`q5tr3."

    BuzzFeed News: "How have you taken to your new role? Do you have any jealous friends?"

    Betty the chicken: "nxzv5ds'wmnzmkcxscwcu'



    BuzzFeed News: "What's next for you?"

    Betty the chicken: "'pv9."

    BuzzFeed News: "Why did you cross the road?"

    Betty the chicken: "5y7oadg?"

    BuzzFeed News: "What has the reception been like? Positive or negative?"

    Betty the chicken: "ghujny8bnghr7io90o9iomu7cfr1w235155tyuxdzGYYXSC=DFS."

    Unfortunately, Betty the chicken was unable to answer further questions - urgently needing to return to Twitter to report on the day's events.

    o lqsxdrwu8o0 QSDL2I`` T34ZW7O89UUJ7 L ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 6 #chickentweet