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    4 Feb 2015

    17 Struggles Of Being A Bad Australian

    So I don't like meat pies, gimme a break.

    1. To start with, you're not particularly fond of Vegemite.

    Just pour some salt on my toast why don't you.

    2. And when you tell people this they freak out.

    3. You cringe every time someone says "g'day".


    4. And you don't really "get" AFL.

    5. Meat pies aren't really your thing.

    We're talkin' service station meat pies. Everyone loves a good ol' oven baked pie – but that Four 'n Twenty stuff is a big no no.

    6. And cricket is, like, fun... I guess?


    It's more just sitting down and drinking that you're into.

    7. The beach is just sandy and hot and crowded...

    8. ...And this hot weather just means humidity and sweat :(

    9. You don't really like Australian beer...


    10. And you don't really understand all this hate for New Zealand.

    Can't we all just get along?

    11. You don't like beetroot on your burger.

    12. And you, more than likely, don't surf.

    13. When you hear anything ending in "o" a small part of you dies.


    Smoko, righto etc.

    14. You're not a **huge** fan of Australia Day... / Channel 9

    15. And ultimately, you know you're an Australian...


    16. ...And you love Australia...

    17. But you just don't get it.


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