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    People Are Stealing Hundreds Of Avocados In New Zealand Because They're So Expensive

    New Zealand's shortage of avocados has resulted in an average price of $4-6 NZD EACH.

    There's a serious shortage of avocados going on in New Zealand right now.

    Could this be New Zealand's most expensive avocado!?

    Currently, prices for A SINGLE AVOCADO in New Zealand range from $4 to $6!!! (That's up to AU$5.70 or US$4.20.)


    Australia experienced a similar avocado shortage in February this year. But in New Zealand it's not just the shortage that's getting people worked up...

    This week alone, a number of growers have reported that thieves are nabbing dozens of avocados from their trees. That's right. People are legit Ocean's 11-style robbing farms of their avocados, and so far there's been almost 40 heists since January.

    The police are also getting involved (as you'd expect). Sergeant Aaron Fraser of Waihi told The Guardian the stolen avocados carried a number of risks.

    "They are unripe", he said. "Some have been sprayed recently and they may still carry toxins on the skin. But with the prices so high at the moment, the potential for profit is a strong inducement for certain individuals."

    Even Sam Neill is freaking out.

    FINALLY New Zealand makes World News - severe avocado shortage has lead to an outbreak of AVOCADO THEFT . More shocked than I can say .

    So, next time you munch down on that avocado toast, say a little prayer for the people of New Zealand.

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