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    13 Jan 2015

    Aussie Man Takes 12-Month Vow Of Silence To Promote Animal Welfare

    James Aspey maintained a blog during his silence, documenting his struggles and spreading his message.

    Speaking on Channel 7's Sunrise, James Aspey spoke for the first time in twelve months – answering host Andrew O'Keefe after being questioned as to why he took his vow of silence.

    Channel 7

    Aspey travelled around Australia, spreading his message and highlighting "[the] cruel ways in which humans currently exploit other animals for food, clothing, entertainment and testing."

    Channel 7

    Getting the idea after a 10-day meditation retreat where he did not speak a word, Aspey decided to use his year long silence as a protest to the ways animals are treated.

    Channel 7

    He maintained a blog during the year, documenting his struggles and thoughts throughout the protest.

    Channel 7

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