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    Australia's Greatest Singers Unite To Fight Breast Cancer

    This amazing cover of "I Touch Myself" helps make late Aussie rocker Chrissie Amphlett's dream a reality. Go on, give it a try. Touch yourself.

    #itouchmyselfproject is a new breast cancer awareness campaign inspired by the late Chrissy Amphlett.

    The campaign uses Amphlett's "I Touch Myself" as an anthem for the new movement.

    A video was released showing ten of Australia's greatest female singers giving their versions of the classic Aussie hit.

    Connie Mitchell; Deborah Conway; Kate Cerebrano; Katie Noonan; Little Pattie; Megan Washington; Olivia Newton-John; Sarah Blasko; Sarah McLeod; and Suze DeMarchi all came together for the project.

    Amphlett herself was quoted in recommending the song.

    When Amphlett developed breast cancer she immediately wanted the song to help spread awareness, highlighting the importance of checking for early signs of cancer.

    The campaign is encouraging the public to upload #itouchmyselfies to help spread the word.

    My #ITOUCHMYSELFIE for #breastcancerawareness for the beautiful Amphlett ladies. #itouchmyselfproject

    Lucy Kiely@LucyKiely1

    My #ITOUCHMYSELFIE for #breastcancerawareness for the beautiful Amphlett ladies. #itouchmyselfproject

    09:25 PM - 13 Apr 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    And has also made the re-recorded version of "I Touch Myself" available for purchase on iTunes, with all proceeds going to Cancer Council NSW.

    You can find the whole "I Touch Myself" campaign video here

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