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The Commonwealth Games New Mascot Is A Surfing Blue Koala And People Have ~opinions~

Borobi the mutant blue koala is certainly getting attention.

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Behold, Australia's latest Commonwealth Games mascot: Borobi the surfing koala.

Borobi the surfing koala is the 2018 Commonwealth Games Mascot... Makes elegant entrance at Gold Coast. #9Today

Described by the Commonwealth Games as a "loveable koala with fur the colour of the ocean and a passion for surfing and adventure," Borobi takes its name from the indigenous Yugambeh language word for koala.

"Borobi is a very special and unique koala whose personality embodies all the values of the Gold Coast and the Australian way of life," said Commonwealth Games Minister Stirling Hinchcliffe.

Borobi was (rather awkwardly) air-dropped onto the Gold Coast's Burleigh Beach at 7:45am this morning, marking two years until the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games kick off.

Meet Borobi the Koala - the official mascot for @GC2018 @4kqbrisbane

Of course, as with every mascot announcement in the history of the world, people had ~opinions~.

Sad thing about the new Commonwealth Games surfing koala mascot is that there's about a 1 in 3 chance it has chlamydia.

Some people found Borobi "deeply unsettling" and unconvincing.

There's something deeply unsettling about the commonwealth games koala mascot thing.

So, our Commonwealth Games mascot is a surfing, mutant koala. Having great difficulty trying to relate...

The Commonwealth Games mascot Borobi the surfing Koala really isn't doing it for me. How much did the work experience kid get paid 4 that?

It's gobsmacking that the Commonwealth Games committee gave the games mascot brief to an agency that has NEVER EVER SEEN A KOALA.

And others were just confused...


I'm just so thrilled the Caramello Koala is getting the attention it deserves as Commonwealth Games mascot. #borobi

I'm sure I've seen the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games mascot somewhere before.... #koala #GCCommGames

Why is the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games mascot an 80s koala and not a shady real estate developer

Whether you like him or hate him, Borobi will be busting a move for the next two years as we make our way to the Commonwealth Games. No one's really quite sure what the thing to the left of him is, though.

It’s time to bust a move! That chicken dance has nothing on this. Let’s dance everyone! #BOROBI #GC2018