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    37 Signs You Grew Up In Australia In The '00s

    Far out, brussel sprout!

    1. This was essential reading.

    2. You know the ORIGINAL Crunchie Mcflurry was way better than the current one.

    3. You can't remember an airport without these.

    4. You would spend whole nights trying to find the right theme for your Myspace.

    5. You know what it's like to spit out a whole Eminem verse and feel like a BOSS.

    6. Super Smash Bros. was everything.

    7. And Rugrats is probably one of the greatest cartoons ever created.

    8. You loved and then grew to hate Nickelback.

    9. You watched this movie.

    10. These guys were like family.

    11. And you stand proud as a Goofy Goober.

    12. Forget Romeo & Juliet, THIS was a REAL love tragedy.

    13. The iPod has been part of your life forever.

    14. Heelys were the prime mode of transportation.

    15. Also look at this shirt.

    16. You remember a young Bieber, before fame, money and marijuana took a hold of him.

    17. You listened to Michael Jackson for the first time after he died.

    18. On September 11, 2001, you were shocked Cheez TV wasn't on.

    19. Many schoolyard fights were had over Crazy Bones.

    20. You don't really remember this guy.

    21. But you do remember K-Rudd and his awesome laugh.

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    22. Also - Rove.

    23. You have never used a Yellow Pages.

    24. But you remember this.

    25. Nelly. Just. Nelly.

    26. You were a part of either Team Xbox or Team Playstation.

    27. And you had that one friend that had a Wii...

    28. You remember PIZZA HUT BUFFET!

    29. You had more than 100 of these and each colour meant a different thing.

    30. You lived through the battle between the Saddle and Sleepover Clubs.

    31. You spent a lot of time on MSN.

    32. And you're guilty of this.

    33. You took your fair share of selfies on this.

    34. And every birthday party you ever went to was either AMF bowling...

    35. Or laser tag.

    36. Or rock climbing.

    37. And you remember Wonderland :'(