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    16 Things That Will Surprise All Americans About Australia

    A concise tourist pamphlet to avoid those questions.

    1. There's only 23 million people in the WHOLE of Australia.

    And that's in a country the same size as the whole of the United States.

    2. And there's really not that many deaths from poisonous animals...

    Warner Bros.

    Seriously. Per year, there's about 3,000 snake bites - with around one or two proving to be fatal. Most receive antivenom well before it gets *real* bad.

    3. Or sharks...

    There's only one fatal shark attack on average per year.

    4. The majority of the population lives around the coast.

    5. Australia is ***expensive***

    Lemons, petrol, alcohol. It's all a sham.

    6. Australians are massive gamblers.


    Honestly, the world's biggest gamblers. It all sums up to around $1144 per resident!

    7. *Technically* we're still ruled by the Queen of England, but not really. We just... like having them there to comfort us.


    For now...

    8. We have our own version of Canada. We call it "New Zealand."


    9. Mosquitos are bad. Like, worse now than they ever have been.

    10. We air dry clothes.


    11. And use the half flush.

    12. We drive on the other side of the road, which means we also walk / pass / stand on escalators on the other side, too.

    Universal Pictures

    13. Our tipping culture is different to yours in that we don't really have a tipping culture.

    Dog Eat Dog

    We do still tip, but not out of necessity. You get a tip if you do a good job – a luxury we are allowed because of our high minimum wage.

    14. We really don't have any guns.

    New Line Cinema

    We used to, but then we pretty much got rid of all of them. And we haven't had a mass shooting since.

    15. Our bacon is different.

    It's kinda like what you call Canadian bacon.

    16. And you can buy kangaroo and emu meat at the grocery store.

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