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23 Tastes Every Australian Will Instantly Recognise

Yowies or death.

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1. Sunnyboys.

Tastes like: The first summer day by the pool.

2. Carob Buds.

Tastes like: The treat you got yourself from the school canteen during recess.


3. Samboy Chips.

Tastes like: What you scoffed down at lunchtime before a game of tip.

4. Polly Waffles.

Tastes like: The greatest combination of wafer, chocolate, and marshmallow your tastebuds ever touched.

5. Chips on a stick.

Tastes like: You convincing yourself that what you're eating is healthy, and not just an entire potato deep-fried and put on a stick.

6. Easter Show Showbags.

Tastes like: Sugar in all its different varieties.

7. Bubble O' Bills.

Tastes like: Ice cream mixed with sugar syrup that is about a week past its expiry date.


8. And the bubblegum that comes with it.

Tastes like: Really old bubblegum that has then been frozen for a decade.

9. Yowies.

Tastes like: Chocolate that you went through so quickly because you wanted to get to work on putting together your Australian animal toy.

10. Chicken Chippies.

Tastes like: Sweet, delicious, chicken. DEEP FRIED IN FINGER-LICKIN' FORM.

11. Deli meats.

Tastes like: Going to your grandma's house on a weekend afternoon.

12. Vice Versas.

Tastes like: What you ate during every movie you watched at the local theatre.


13. Frankfurts.

Tastes like: The laziest and most fulfilling dinner you've ever had.

14. Gaytimes.

Tastes like: The end of a glorious day at the beach.

15. Ovalteenies.

Tastes like: The promise that you'll be pickin' sweet malty goodness out of your teeth all day.

16. Dunkaroos.

Tastes like: You're using a nationally loved animal to shovel sugar paste into your gob.

17. Iced Chocolate.

Tastes like: Better than a milkshake, and makes you feel ~special~.


18. KFC Corn.

Tastes like: The simplest, and yet greatest, complement to your fried chicken.

19. Party Pies.

Tastes like: The start of every party when you're young, and the end of every late night out drinking when you're older.

20. Sausage rolls.

Tastes like: Food that you're always interested in, no matter what.

21. Cottee's Cordial.

Tastes like: The perfect way to cool down on a hot day.

22. Cup Noodles.

Tastes like: The cure for all illnesses.

23. Hot Chips.

Tastes like: Tastes like chicken salt.


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