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Why Won't Twitter Verify The Farmer From "Babe"?

James Cromwell went through too much to be disrespected in such a way.

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It's about this pig, right. Well, really he's a piglet. And he's on this farm with all these other animals (can you imagine)? Anyway, the pig - named Babe - really wants to be a sheepdog. Ha ha! The absolute madman.

Oh, I should mention. All the animals can talk. Which is important, I guess, otherwise the film wouldn't be that captivating. It'd just be like a David Attenborough film without the narration.


During the whole thing, there's this guy:

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He is the farmer who runs the joint and he's old and slightly English and he says things like "that'll do, pig," which is iconic and true and brave and generally a nice piece of scriptwriting.

He's been tweeting a lot about animal issues and he also retweets a few folks too. Really, he's participating in the global conversation online, through Twitter, which you should be happy about.


But the one thing he's not happy about is the lack of verification.

Jack Dorsey - look at me. Look at me Jack. Do you know how many fake James Cromwell accounts there are? It makes me sick.

So, because of this, James Cromwell has been trying to get verified. And no one is listening.