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18 Times Angelica Pickles Was The Realest Bitch Who Ever Lived

Rugrats was just a vessel to get Angelica famous.

1. When she preached the truth:

2. And really hammered the importance of cookies in one's life:

3. When she set her goals and stuck to them:

4. When she gave people hope only to take it all away:

5. When she delivered some humble pie to Chuckie:

6. When she perfectly summed up getting older:

7. When she smashed the patriarchy:

8. When she got to the bottom of love:

9. When she delivered this sick burn on Tommy:

10. When she put her dreams into words:

11. When she perfected the hair flick:

12. When she made plans for her future:

13. When she praised the miracles of "elastic perjury".

14. When she gave herself some free compliments:

15. When she told her parents to back the fuck off:

16. When she got the dating game just right:

17. When she told the wannabes the truth:

18. And when she pointed out not only her FLAWLESS breakfast routine, but also her high chocolate standards: