The Man Charged With Defacing Eurydice Dixon's Memorial Is An Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theorist And Independent Scientologist Who Wanted To "Attack Feminism"

    "This was purely an attack on feminism."

    A Melbourne comedian and podcast host who describes himself as an anti-vaccination activist and independent Scientologist has said his decision to graffiti a memorial to murdered woman Eurydice Dixon was "an attack on feminism".

    Andrew Nolch, 31, is a former Melbourne comedian who once hosted a late night comedy show on Channel 31 called The Kink. He told The Age not only was he guilty, but that he planned on getting caught.

    "I was upset and I want to make this clear, this was not a personal attack at all," he said. "This was purely an attack on feminism, on mainstream media for hijacking a vaccine-causing issue and turning it into a men are bad, women's rights issue."

    Nolch's social media is riddled with posts on conspiracy theories, links to far-right website InfoWars, and the discredited theory that vaccines cause autism. The Age reports he is known to friends of Dixon.

    In a post on his personal account in June, Nolch described his outrage that men were "being blamed for the Princess [sic] Park tragedy" when there were "so many other more obvious reasons it happened".

    In another widely shared post, Nolch defended the vandals of the Eurydice Dixon memorial, blaming the mainstream media for "brainwashing" the general public and claiming society is being taken over by a New World Order or communist Chinese.

    Nolch faces court in August.

    Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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