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    Here's Why You Should Watch "All Caught Up", BuzzFeed's Latest News Show

    Isn't it about time you got all caught up?

    Last week BuzzFeed Australia launched the latest show from BuzzFeed News: All Caught Up.

    Missed all the drama online this week? DW, we got you. Watch our new news show All Caught Up on Friday. 12:30pm AEDT at

    All Caught Up is a weekly show that will try to answer some of the questions you have about the week that was on the internet. It's around 15 minutes of sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always interesting segments on things like social media, psychology, entertainment, and pop culture.

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    Last week's episode covered three ~BIG~ topics, starting with "blackfishing." Last week, people started calling out white Instagram influencers for pretending to be black online. Hair, skin colour, dress sense: everything was brought up. BuzzFeed News' Brad Esposito tried to get to the bottom of it:

    Last week people started calling out white women on Instagram for “blackfishing” – or pretending to be black online. It’s a whole thing, and we’ve tried our best to unpack it here. #WhyAreWeYelling

    Then reporter Elfy Scott looked into ecopsychology, and how climate change is affecting the mental health of people all around the world — particularly young people.

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    And finally, lifestyle editor Jemima Skelley explained all the drama surrounding the new Fantastic Beasts film, starting with the casting choice of Johnny Depp all the way to the lack of a gay Dumbledore story arc.

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    And that marks Week One of All Caught Up! We're already working hard on this week's episode — but if you have any ideas for stories that YOU want to know more about, just @ us at @buzzfeedyarns.