This AFL Calendar From 2007 Will Make Your Heart Cringe And Flutter

AFL players + Australian animals = great success!

1. Reddit user c_grimes posted this collection of photos yesterday, saying he found the old St Kilda Member’s Calendar while cleaning his room.

2. The whole thing seems to be a bunch of photos of the boys hangin’ out with some Aussie critters.

3. Some of the photos are pretty adorable.

4. Whilst some were a little more…intense.

5. Here’s Luke Ball with a cow!

6. And here’s Nick Riewoldt trying his best not to break a ‘roo in half:

7. Here’s Aaron Hamill hangin’ with a Dalmatian:

8. These guys got the short straw with a rat and two chickens:

9. Meanwhile Matt Maguire probably got the greatest photo op. of the day with this stunning portrait with a goose.

10. Yay! Animals + footy players!


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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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